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    HOME ABOUT TOKEN Qualification Honor

    Qualification Honor

    Provincial trademark demonstration
    2018 China top 100 electronic information enterprises award
    2017 Photoelectric influence enterprise
    2018 Anhui famous ITO conductive glass (STN series)
    2018 Anhui province private enterprises M&X top first
    2018 Anhui province private enterprise revenue top 100 11th
    2018 Anhui province private enterprise tax payment hundred 3
    2018 China's top 500 private manufacturers ranked 385t
    Tax payment 14th enterprise in 2018
    Dongguan growth enterprises association executive vice Presi
    Total actual exports of the top 20 enterprises in 2017
    AEO China customs advanced certification enterprises 2017
    Glass covered with live conductive substance won the famous
    A method for preparing an insulating film attached to a touc
    2017 High-tech enterprise certificate
    BOE Awards presented
    new high-tech enterprise
    Vanguard of union workers
    Vanguard of union workers
    Jinghai enterprise technology center
    Tianjin enterprise technology center
    Advanced units in production safety in 2018
    Advanced units of production safety in industry and trade in
    Token 2018 group advanced collective
    ? Innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team on Jua.
    Gao kunxu youth industry pacesetter 2019 April
    2019 Gao kunxu excellent party member
    2015 ITO conductive glass won anhui industrial quality certi
    2016 Single-piece touch glass won the high-tech product of A
    2016 High-flatness ITO conductive glass won the high-tech pr
    Awarded 2016 "influential enterprise" certificate in photoel
    2016 Token colorless ITO conductive glass won the third priz
    2017 Certificate of high
    2017 Automobile capacitive touch screen high-tech product ce
    2018 Tft-lcd display thin glass won the high-tech products o
    2011 Anhui province vacuum film engineering technology resea
    2013 Anhui provincial industry-university-research joint dem
    2011 Anhui identified enterprise technology center
    2010 Anhui innovative enterprise certificate
    High-tech enterprise certificate